1. What are the benefits of Human Amniotic Fluid Stem Cell Culture Medium in Cellvia's products?

- Human Amniotic Fluid Stem Cell Culture Medium has anti-ageing properties with firming, lifting and reducing wrinkles effect.


- The human amniotic fluid stem cell culture medium has anti-inflammation function where it triggers the body's natural healing properties which can reduce eczema problems and inflammation.


- It has hair loss prevention properties where it stimulates hair growth and promotes scalp barriers.


- It has restoration properties where it repairs damaged tissues and heals wounds.


 2. Why is Human Amniotic Fluid Stem Cell Culture Medium used?

- Human Amniotic Fluid Stem Cell is a multifunctional stem cell that is closest to the embryonic stem cells. It has higher proliferation ability than other human stem cells.

- It can be differentiate into multiple tissues and is capable of self-renewal.


3. When are the Human Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells harvested?


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4. How are Human Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells collected and processed?

- The human amniotic fluid stem cells are collected during the normal childbirth process. With the donor’s voluntary consent, the collection is performed only after passing the verified eligibility test to exclude donor’s risk of infection. 

- Secondly, stem cells are propagated in the optimal conditions in the culture medium with proven protocols. At this time, only those that have passed the toxicity test and infection test for all raw materials and equipment, including the culture medium used, can be used. 

- Thereafter, the stem cells are removed at the final stage. The stem cell culture medium are similar to those containing stem cells and have effective efficacy.

5. Is the use of Human Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells ethical?

- The human amniotic fluid stem cells are collected at a university hospital that supports hygiene management and systematic facilities so that there are no ethical problems in advance. 

- All processes related to the human amniotic fluid stem cells must be carried out by verified procedures and reviews.

- Due to such strict management, human-derived substances cannot be used as cosmetic raw materials in principle, but it is recognized as an exception that can be used only when it meets strict safety regulations and can be used legally and safely. 

6. Are Cellvia’s products halal?

- Cellvia’s Korean manufacturer is in the process of applying the Halal Certification for Cellvia’s products. We hope to hear good news from them soon. 

- In Islamic terms, it is prohibited to use ‘najis’ (impure) for medical purposes and beautification if there are other alternatives for the treatment. Amniotic fluid is ‘najis’ (impure) and it is said that “whatever that comes out of a woman’s vagina is ‘najis’ (except fetus), such as the water that comes out with a new-born baby.” 

  • However, hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and stem cells are pure if they are not foul smelling, if taken from humans and animals that are permitted to be eaten after slaughtering them. 

- Besides that, cosmetic treatment using human placenta is prohibited to avoid the exploitation and invasion of humans’ honour.

  • Nonetheless, Cellvia is not using human amniotic fluid stem cells, but extracting human amniotic fluid to obtain stem cells, and then using the culture medium obtained by culturing these stem cells. The human amniotic fluid stem cells are removed at the final stage.

  • In addition, if there is a medical need to treat diseases using human placenta, then it is permitted in exigent or desperate situations. 

7. Why Cellvia does not have toner?

- Cellvia’s Mythology Creation Ampoule is an all-in-one total solution for your skin with whitening, anti-aging, skin regeneration and many more properties. Hence, you can reduce your skincare routine steps by just using Cellvia’s Mythology Creation Ampoule.

8. What happens if I use Cellvia's products with others?

- It is better to use the all-natural and cutting-edge product of Cellvia only rather than mixing products which may contain toxins, parabens and unnatural oils which will get in the way of the skin absorbing the nutrients.

9. What happens if I stop using Cellvia?

- Cellvia is not a filler or botox but a cosmetic product you use every day. It can be misunderstood as a cosmetic surgery due to its immediate effects as cosmetic surgery. If you discontinue usage, your skin will return to its condition prior to usage of Cellvia’s products.

10. How do I use Mythology Creation Ampoule?

- We recommend 3 pumps of Mythology Creation Ampoule per usage during the first two weeks to attain effective results. One vial can be used for around 2 days. 

- After two weeks, we recommend 2 pumps of Mythology Creation Ampoule per usage to maintain effective results. One vial can be used for around 3 days.

- One box of Mythology Creation Ampoule can last for around 1.5 to 2 months.

11. When will I start to see results?

- Skin tone / Whitening: After a week to 10 days, your skin tone will become brighter and your skin will be more hydrated.

- Lifting / elasticity : After 2 weeks of use, the appearance of your fine wrinkles will be reduced. After using it for 3 months, your face will be lifted and is more elastic.

- Hair growth: After 1 month of use, you can see visible growth of baby hairs. After 3 months of use, you can see the volume of your hair starts to increase.

  * Assumptions:

     i) When products are applied every morning and evening.

    ii) Effects may vary depending on individual skin condition.

12. What is EWG Green Graded?

- EWG (Environment Working Group) is a US commercial and environmental NGO. The EWG rating is a risk rating that has a worldwide reputation.

- Most ingredients used to formulate Cellvia's products are graded between 0 to 2.


13. In the ampoule has various types of growth factor cells, does any of it can affect or trigger cancer cells? Esp genetic cancer cells.

There are various types of growth factors in the ampoule, but there are no ingredients that affect cancer cells.

Rather, it is a product that improves even problematic skin diseases.

14. For protocol treatment, how long does it require to treat skin concerns and how long it should be for maintenance use?

After about a month, you can feel the soothing and moisturizing effect.

If you use it for more than 3 months, it is effective in treating problematic skin.

If you stop using it, dryness may cause another problem depending on your skin condition.

Just as one requires food to maintain a healthy body, Cellvia acts like food for the skin.

15. What is the mechanism of action for stem cells to layers of skins, does it penetrate up to dermis? Does it affect anything to subcutaneous tissue?

The active ingredient of the ampoule activates fibroblasts in the dermis of the skin to create skin tissues such as collagen and elastin.

It has a regenerating effect from the inside of the skin, making the overall skin layer elastic and healthy.

16. Any side effects for specific skin types or skin problems?

Cellvia works for all skin types.

It is composed of moisture and nutrition necessary for the skin and has no side effects as it activates skin respiration so that it can play a role on its own.

It is effective if you use a different method according to your skin condition.

17. What makes ampoule human stem cell more convincing vs stem cell injection?

Stem cell injection is artificially absorbing and inserting cells.

Cellvia has a safe cosmetic effect because it allows the skin's breathing and moisture and nutrition to play its own role and create cells directly.

18. Does the ampoule stem cell will be permanent? If yes up to how long?

The ampoule is valid for 2 years.

There are individual differences in the effect that can be obtained depending on the time and amount of ampoule use.

19. Other than less allergic reaction for human stem cell, what is other differences of it from plant stem cell?

Human stem cells are the safest in terms of genetics and have the fastest direct effect on cell activation.

The ingredients of cosmetics using plants stem cell is less effective for anti-aging.   You can see the difference with Cellvia compared to plant based costmetics as there will be faster results in a short period of time.

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